5 Winter Coats Under $100

Finding a quality winter coat that is water-resistant, warm, stylish, and affordable can be difficult, but this coat hit all the marks! Now bear in mind I live in Southern California and have minimal experience with weather, but I did take this coat to Utah for a winter vacation, and it did its job! Given I am not one who can tolerate the cold, this did its job keeping me warm!

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Fashion-Outerwear fall and winter looks long black quilted puffer winter coat But I will be real with you, the biggest seller for me on this coat was how stylish it was! I absolutely love the elastic waist belt attached to it. It is easy to lose your shape in these puffer coats, but the waist belt adds a lot of flare and gives you a flattering look! I also love the gold hardware and how the fur hood is detachable! It comes in multiple colors. Get it here!

Fashion-Fall and winter everyday style white cableknit sweater loose with jeans open camel trench coat camel belt and tan snow booties mom style utah.jpg Given the quality of this coat, I could not believe it was under $100! A long camel trench wrap coat is a classic staple item that can go with just about anything! From dressy occasions paired with a cocktail dress to semi-dressy pairing it with jeans, a white blouse, and heels to completely casual, pairing it with your lounge set and sneakers! This coat is thick, stylish, lined, durable, and looks oh-so-chic! It comes in multiple colors. Get it here!

Fashion FCO-Christmas Outfits This red double-breasted trench coat is perfect for the holidays! I love wearing this with a black or white sweater dress during Christmas. It also looks great when paired with jeans, a white sweater, and white sneakers! A coat that can be dressed up or down is my kind of coat! It is lined, thick, comfortable, and of course, stylish! It comes in multiple colors. Get it here!

Fashion-Long Black Wool Blend Wrap Pea Coat Story Photos I apologize for the low-quality photos. I do not have any professional photographs in this coat, so I am showing you screenshots from my Instagram stories. I hope you don't mind!

I can not say enough good things about this long black wool-blend wrap coat! Talk about elegance on a budget! I wear this to any formal event! It is a great quality coat that keeps me warm and looks high end! Want to feel chic while wearing jeans, a sweater, and a ball cap? Throw this on, and now you have an effortlessly stylish casual look! It comes in multiple colors. Get it here!

Fashion-Winter looks puffer jacket cream quilted winter jacket Now, I don't own this coat, as of yet, but it is in my shopping cart! I love the look of it, and it comes highly reviewed! It's the perfect shade of cream, and I have always been a fan of Calvin Klein! It comes in multiple colors. Get it here!