Airport Style

I didn't realize it till the moment had passed that the waistline of my pants had fallen just a little bit when taking this picture. I love the look of high waisted leggings with a crop top, but personally, don't want my midriff to show too much. I always make sure the waistline truly is high waisted, and the crop top's length hits the waistline of these leggings, but as you can see from this picture, my midriff is out in full swing due to how the waistline can fall with enough movement. These pants are comfortable and are high waisted, but the waist part has a hard time staying up and needs to be tugged up from time to time. Regardless, I love wearing these leggings when flying because they are compression leggings, which are great to wear when flying! I love the front tie black tee so much that I have it two other colors as well! This whole outfit is comfortable and sporty looking! You can read my review of each item below!

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