Baby Girl Rompers & Onesies

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Is it just me or are baby clothes WAY cuter than they were in the 80s and early 90s? These babies are better dressed than I ever could be! I find myself asking if they make some of these clothes in an adult version as well!

Here is a round-up of some of the softest, most comfortable, and ADORABLE onesies, for the baby girl in your life! These make great baby shower gifts as well! As much as I love all of these, I need to add that the halter style rompers (1 & 2) do not have buttons at the bottom, so you will have to pull the whole thing down when doing a diaper change. I know not the most practical, but their cuteness makes it worth it! Honestly, it isn't that much more work, and the material on these is so soft!

All the other rompers you see have easy diaper change access! I also included my favorite basic onesies. I like them because of their colors and style. They are a step up from the average white onesie while remaining just as practical!