I do not know much about Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for that matter, but this book helped me understand the concept! I am very new to the crypto scene, so this post highlights the children's book, (yes children's book) that helped me understand and the app that has helped me get started!

Get: Bitcoin Money Inspired Fashion Finds-Bitcoin Money explained children's book

This book explains the concept of money and how it has evolved. It introduces our current monetary system's problems and shows how Bitcoin can fix some of those. If the idea of Bitcoin seems overwhelming or out of your wheelhouse, I encourage you to read this children's book to gain a better understanding of it!

If you are interested in using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, my favorite app to use is Edge. This cryptocurrency wallet is user-friendly, even if it's your first experience. This app lets you be your own bank. They don't have access to any of your data, leaving you entirely in charge of your money and data while remaining secure.

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Inspired Fashion Finds-Bitcoin explained simply

Inspired Fashion Finds-Bitcoin explained simply Edge