Gold Bar Cart with Blush Stemwear

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A stylish bar cart is a great decorative touch for any party! I love this gold metal one I found on Amazon. I accessorized the cart with pink blush items for my Galentine's brunch but realized this set up would look lovely for a bridal shower, baby girl shower, or baby girl baptism as well! Whether you are serving cocktails or mocktails, I think the right stemware makes the occasion feel more special!

These beautiful stemless and stem copper wine glasses are from a small company called MyGift. I initially found them on Amazon, but when I went to the MyGift website, I ended up finding a bunch of cute home decor items and kitchen accessories! The stemless wine glasses I used as water glasses and the stem wine glasses I used for wine. I loved them both so much I had to find a way to incorporate both in my tablescape! If you would like to purchase these elegant, unique and timeless wine glasses, scroll down to the links below and get 10% off your purchase when you enter in coupon code INSPIREDFASHIONFINDS

To add a more personal touch to my Galentine's brunch, I created a collage board that not only showcased the moment my girlfriends became mothers but all the other amazing accomplishments they have achieved! The bulletin board I used is listed below. I use this same board in my kids' playroom!

When I am not using the bar cart for an event, I store it in my master bathroom and use it to store washcloths and other bathroom related products! Its minimal design makes it an easy piece to place and decorate anywhere!

Everything you see pictured is linked below!