Boys of the Woods

When my family and I took a trip to Tahoe, I couldn't help but pack all that was flannel and woodsy! I love when my boys match or have coordinating outfits, and fortunately, they love matching one another too! I do not know how long that will last, but I am relishing in it as long as I can!

Flannel Vest Set: When comparing the photograph of my son to the link I provided, it would seem like I am showing the wrong outfit. The link I provided is correct, and that is the outfit my son is supposed to be wearing, but he got his sleeves and pants wet from playing in the water, and I had to change him. It is so hard to get my kids to take photos (especially when they are only one), so I had to use this photo, given it is the only decent one I have with him in the vest. This set is true to size, adorable, durable, and comfortable! It still looks great after many wears and washes!

These toddler beanies have fit my children for over two years now! They are priced right, made well, cute, comfortable, and will keep your child's head warm! There are a variety of options to choose from when purchasing.

Kids Button Down Flannel: This plaid shirt is excellent, and the material is thick, making it perfect for colder months. My sons never complained when wearing it, which tells me they find it comfortable! This flannel has been passed down, had food spilled on it, has been in out of the washing machine countless times, and still looks and fits great! I bought this same flannel in black and white as well!

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