House Warming Gift for the Coffee Lover

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Coffe Carafes

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These are one of those items that people will say, "Yeah, everyone knows to use this," or, "Why did this not even occur to me?!" There are no in-betweens. Some of you may have been using coffee carafes for years and know this is the best way to keep your coffee hot all day without reheating it or keeping the coffee pot on, BUT every time we bust this out when we have guests over they always ask. "What is that?" or "Why did I not think to buy one to keep in the house?"

These work for any hot beverage, not just coffee! Personally, I don't drink much coffee, maybe once a week when I need a little boost, but my husband does, and he swears by this thing! On those days I need a slight pick-up, I usually won't have coffee until 1:00 pm, and when I pour it from our carafe, it is just as hot and fresh from the first moment it was made!

A carafe makes a great housewarming gift or any coffee lover in your life! I linked several highly reviewed carafes that are also stylish and all from Amazon!