Minimalist Diaper Bag Checklist

From a Mom of 4

Worried that you must pack up the whole house in your diaper bag to have a successful day out and about with baby?

If so, I am here to tell you that you actually don't need to pack much! As a mom of four who is pregnant with baby number five, here are the only items I pack in my diaper bag!

This list is excellent if you just have a newborn or a baby and toddler or a baby, toddler, and older kids!

Side note: If you are interested in the mini diaper bag shown in the photo, you can see more here.

Scroll down to see a video on how I pack all these items efficiently in my diaper bag.

Here is what I pack when I have a newborn.

Diaper Bag

  • First, you're going to start with a diaper bag with lots of compartments to keep things organized, excellent back support, and stroller clips. This is the one I use. I have tried the more fashionable cute leather ones, but they did not offer the support I needed and had fewer compartments. Remember, you need enough compartments for the baby's stuff and yours, like keys, wallet, phones, and other personal items.

Diapers and wipes

  • I like to pack 5

Foldable Changing Pad

  • I like this one because it's padded and easy to clean.

Nursing Cover

  • Now, I am all for breastfeeding out in public, but I know it can be uncomfortable sometimes, so this cover really comes in handy. It's stretchy with a wide hole. I can place this around my neck like a necklace, grab baby, then stretch the material over baby and myself. This also covers my back! The hole is wide enough to where I can see the baby at all times and get in there to adjust if need be. It also comes with a carrying case making it easy to pack away nicely. See it in action in this video.

Burp cloths

  • I only pack two, but it really depends on how much your baby spits up.

Butt Paste

Small Personal Bag

  • A little bag to carry mom's personal items. Ex: Floss, chapstick, hand lotion, etc. This is the one I use.

Extra Outfit for Baby

  • Make sure it is weather appropriate.

Extra Shirt for mom

  • This is only needed if your baby spits up a lot. I have one packed, but I have yet to need it.

Water Bottle for Mom

  • It is key to stay hydrated mamas! Especially if you are breastfeeding! This is the one I love because it keeps my water cold all day, has a straw, and is slim, making it easy to fit in the diaper bag.

A Light Swaddle Blanket

  • In the event you want to lay baby down and let them stretch or want to swaddle them while out and about, a blanket will come in handy. This is the type I use because it's light, thin, and easy to roll up and put away.

Here are the items I pack in addition to the ones above when I have a toddler, kids, and a baby.

Water Bottles for the Kids

  • The great thing about buying an actual diaper bag versus a standard one is that it comes with a compartment to store bottles specifically. This compartment is usually temperature controlled on some level too. Since I exclusively breastfeed, I use this space to store the kid's water bottles instead. It is easy to access for them and me. These are emy favorite kid's water bottles because they keep their drinks cool, have a straw, a lid that opens with a press of a button, a handle, and fits perfectly in the bottle compartments of diaper bags.
  • Toddler Diapers
  • Non Perishable Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • This Bug Thing (really helps if they get stung by a bee!)
  • An extra outfit for my toddler

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