Family Christmas Pajamas White and Red

White and gray are the perfect base colors when coordinating your family's look! These colors work exceptionally well during the holiday season! It makes it easy to throw in a variety of colors, like green and red. We all wore these same loungewear outfits two years ago for a Christmas photo, and the boys wore it just recently for their sister's newborn photos! A combination of the red bows and tartan plaid blankets and pillow gave the perfect amount of holiday cheer to this photo! This site is dedicated to my Amazon finds, but now and then I like to sprinkle in some other great products, such as these Rachel Parcell pillows and blanket! The good news is you can order it all online, and it will get to you pretty quickly! Below are all the links to everything you see pictured!

My Outfit

Baby Girl's Outfit

The Boys Outfit

Pillows and Blanket

Christmas Tree