Family Coordinated Halloween Costume: Football Team

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Here is a simple, quick family coordinated Halloween costume idea! My husband and I had most of our "costume" already in our closet. Which made it easy to put something together when my son said he wanted us all to be a football team for Halloween! My son's love for football came when we took him to a local high school game to see his Godfather coach. He was only three but could not take his eyes off the game, and ever since then, he has developed a strong love for playing football! This mama has some pretty mixed feelings about it, but given how young he is, I have some time before the worrying kicks in! His favorite color is also red, hence why we went with a red and white theme! My youngest was only one at the time, so he seemed to be okay going along with his big brother's ideas for our Halloween costume!

Kid's and Toddler Football Costume:

My son's favorite color at this time was red, so naturally, he wanted a red football costume for Halloween! He had just turned three at the time and was measuring 39." I ordered him a small, and although it was big on him, it was still practical enough for him to wear throughout the night! I am glad it was a little bit big because that means he can wear this for a long time. The biggest thing he loves about this costume is the helmet! It is not intended to wear for actual football, but he loves pretending in it! The helmet is a little big on him but still fits! He has yet to grow out of the football phase and asks to wear his football costume daily!

Retro Inspired "Cheerleading" Costume:

I quoted "cheerleading" because I failed to wear an actual uniform and instead took the lazy way by wearing my mom's old cheerleading sweater with jeans. As you can see from the picture, I am not wearing the outfit I have linked. When planning this coordinated outfit, I came across my mom's old cheerleading sweaters and thought they would fit in perfectly! Plus, given how cute they were, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sport one! I searched on Amazon for anything similar, but the closest thing I could find was the Grease Rydell High Cheerleading Costume. What is great about this costume is it has the same vintage look as the sweater I am wearing, and it is red and white! The color combination of this costume makes it fit in perfectly with the rest of this coordinated family costume! To top it all off, I bought a red bow that came attached to a hair tie. I cannot tie a beautiful bow like that to save my life, so this little hairpiece made it quick and easy!

Men's Football Coach Halloween Costume:

I was worried my husband's costume would resemble more of a Target employee, but when paired with the hat, whistle, and two little football players by his side, he looked like a football coach, in my opinion! The red hat is mine, but since it is adjustable and unisex, he could use it for his costume! All I ended up purchasing for him was the shirt and whistles. It is a simple look that is easy to put together for a quick Halloween costume!

Boys's and Toddler Football Halloween Costume:

Women's Retro Inspired "Cheerleading" Halloween Costume:

Men's Football Coach Halloween Costume: