Navy & Gold 1st Birthday Decor

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I used this decor for each of my boy’s first birthdays! Aside from anything that says “one” I have reused most of these items for other events other than birthdays. I went with a navy blue and gold theme. Navy blue and gold always make for a pretty combo, and I can resue this setting for other events!

I have used the gold tablecloth as a runner, photo booth backdrop, and tablecloth for bridal shower and bachelorette parties! The cupcake stands always come in handy when hosting, whether it is for cupcakes, other desserts, fruit, or appetizers! I use the gold picture frame for most events and frame something different in it depending on the theme of the party.

Geek Themed 1st Birthday Decor: If you are wondering what is up with all the numbers in this frame for my son's first birthday, it is different ways to say "one" in geek-speak. My husband is a computer programmer, so I wanted a creative way to incorporate his geeky sense of humor into the display! Below are the links to everything you see pictured!