How to frame oversized artwork inexpensively

If you are just interested in the ocean photography you can purchase that here! Links to the frames are below.

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You know that popular question that has floated around social media. "What is something you never realized was expensive until you became an adult?" Well, mine was picture frames! So you can imagine my surprise when I wanted to frame 3 of my 24"x 36" photos! Luckily I found a hack!

Movie poster frames!

For our playroom, I used these black ones to frame these large photos of my boys, which I purchased for under $20. A big reason why movie poster frames are inexpensive is they don't use glass. I precisely wanted this due to having little kids. Although these frames hang on the wall, they are still at a height that toddlers can touch as they grow taller. Despite them being secured to the wall well, we live in southern California, where earthquakes are frequent, and I did not want something this large to be glass. Plus, by having a plastic insert rather than glass, this product is much more affordable!

HD-Living Room Large Black Wall Frames Playroom decor oversized photos kids minimal black and white

I bought more expensive movie poster frames for our dining room because the wood was the perfect mixture of brass and gold! Despite them being more than your average movie poster frame, they are a STEAL compared to how much it would cost to get these "properly" framed.

HD-Dining Room Navy Ocean Wall Art Brass Gold Frames Oversized minimal art

See my full dining room and get the links to everything here HD-Dining Room 1 Navy Dining Room navy upholstered chairs minimal ocean artwork

Here are the links to the movie poster frames I used!