Fun Father's Day gifts for the dad who is impossible to shop for!

Blog GG-Father's Day Pint

Last-minute super fun, affordable, and unique gifts for Dad, especially for the ones that are impossible to shop for! Here are three fun gifts you can get that will be entertainment for the whole family!

Blog GG-Father's Day Gifts Nerf

Nerf Guns: My husband is a pretty minimal guy. If it were up to him, the only items in his closet would be the free t-shirts he gets at conferences. He likes and appreciates the fashion items I get him (watches, sunglasses, clothes, shoes, hats etc.), but the most excited he ever got over a gift was when he opened up this set of Nerf toy blasters I got for the whole family last year! The boys obviously enjoy them too! We use them in the house, outside, and have fun target competitions with them!

Blog GG-Father's Day Gift Spot It

Spot It: is a party and date night favorite! We play this all the time with and without the kids. It is a matching game, but you have to be fast! It can get pretty heated and competitive, but it is so much fun! Whenever we host a dinner party, this game is played multiple times!

Blog GG-Father's Day Gifts Rush Hour

Rush Hour: The last gift is a great brain teaser game! You can buy two and make it a competition of who can solve the puzzle the fattest. There are varying levels to this game, so the kids can participate as well! My husband plays with this a lot when he feels the need to challenge himself mentally!

Everything can be purchased from Amazon and get to you well before Father's Day!