My everyday necklaces

Gold Diamond Bar Necklace | Solitaire Pendant Necklace

Aside from my engagement ring and wedding bands, I did not own any diamonds for the longest time. In fact, I do not own any nice jewelry, for that matter! I am just not a jewelry kind of gal. I have four kids under 5 (one of which is a newborn), and everything on me needs to work with my crazy, messy lifestyle; jewelry tends to get in the way of that for me.

However, I like to accessorize just as much as the next gal, so I do have a few, and I mean a few, pieces I like to wear daily.

Accessories-diamond gold bar necklace

Accessories-solitare diamond pendant

These two necklaces are elegant, timeless, and work so well together! They elevate any look while remaining subtle and timeless. As I mentioned above, the only diamonds I have ever owned were in my wedding bands, that was until my husband surprised me with this diamond bar necklace. It was a push gift when I was close to delivering my fourth child. There are five diamonds, each representing the loves of my life, my four children, and my husband.

This necklace and my wedding rings will most likely be the only diamonds you will ever see me wearing. There is no disrespect for those who love the finer things when it comes to accessorizing; it's just not for me. Given I wear this necklace every day and it means something so special, I thought it was worth the splurge, and it is something I hope to pass down!

The solitaire pendant is under $20 on Amazon! I wear it daily, and it hasn't faded or irritated my skin!