Supply List for Home Activities with Children

Here are the links to my favorite outdoor learning items for kids and a supply list of the few items you need to create a ton of educational activties with your children! (Scroll down for the educational supply list)

AC-Outdoor Activites From Amazon

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Outdoor activities from Amazon that will keep your kids moving, entertained, and, most importantly, will get them to leave you alone for a few minutes! The rocket launcher has been my kid's favorite thus far (swipe to see it in action). A lot of these products incorporate STEM learning concepts, cooperation, and will help children in their creativity, imagination, and gross motor skills.

I did include one expensive item here, and that is the large inflatable water park. I debated adding this, but seeing how much money it has saved me for every summer party, how much my kids enjoy it, and how they spend HOURS on it on a hot day, I thought it was worth a share. If you rent those giant inflatables for your children's birthday parties, I would suggest just buying one. It roughly costs about $200 to rent (delivery fees, damage fees, etc.) Do that just three times, and you already spent the same amount you would have if you bought one. On any hot day (and there are a lot here in San Diego), I bust this out! Easy to set up and again provides hours of active entertainment for your children.

Since this is such a significant investment, I did a lot of research on which one to buy. Ultimately this had the best reviews, has held up over two years now, is HUGE, and stores well. I love the large pool at the bottom; it allows water play for the baby having this be great for really all ages, with adult supervision, of course.

Activity Supply List

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Here is a list of supplies you need from Amazon to create fun and educational activities. The supply list is short, and you don't need much. I am all about doing more with less! I am not an arts and crafts person, so the prep work in these activities is easy, and the projects are just as enriching! Follow me on Instagram because every couple of days or so, I will post a story with a new activity using these materials! I will save all these stories to my "For the Kids" highlight. Below, I also added the containers I use to organize and store everything.

Activity Supplies Organization

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