Kids Christmas Table Decor & Hot Chocolate Bar

Kids table for Christmas dinner! Here is a simple and affordable way to add some holiday cheer to the kid's table! I love the idea of covering the table in brown craft paper. It not only completed the look, but it made clean up easy, allowed me to personalize each table setting, and the kids were able to draw on the table throughout the night!

The table and chairs you see are kid-sized, and they are one of the best purchases I have made! I have used these for every birthday party and playdate. If you have small children, I highly suggest getting this set!

The topiary trees are adorable, but make sure you store them correctly. I just threw mine in a bin the previous year and cannot get them to stand up as straight as they once did. Either way, they still look cute and make the table feel a lot more like Christmas! The buffalo plaid runner is wider than what is pictured; I just folded it so it would fit the size of the kids' table appropriately.

The log candle holder you see is no longer available but I linked a set that looks similar and is just as cute! The candles I used to fill them (I don't light them when they are the kids' table) I end up using throughout the whole season as well!

The coffee mugs you see I have had since my husband and I got married many years ago, but I did link ones just like them! I originally purchased the white picture frames to put on the counter in our hallway but repurposed them to use for the holidays! The actual pictures you see framed, the ones that say, "Baby it's Cold Outside" and "Warm up at the Hot Chocolate Bar," I just printed from a basic Google search.

I listed all the links below, and all items can be found on Amazon!

Kids Table Decor

Hot Chocolate Bar