How my small blog got printed in national publications

Hi, my name is Chrissy Horton, and if you take one look at any of my social media accounts (@hortonlane Instagram & TikTok), it is evident I am a small-time, new to the game, blogger. So why would magazines such as Forbes, Good Housekeeping, InStyle, Yahoo!Lifestyle, CNNunderscored, and Motherly take up any precious space quoting me? (Please note some of the articles mention my old blog name Inspired Fashion Find, which I recently rebranded to Horton Lane)

It's because I asked.

See, the media needs content and doesn't always have the time to search for it. So if you are an expert in a field with a web presence, preferably something more than just your social media channels, i.e., have a blog or website, you should be reaching out to the publications that align with your content.

There are a lot of verified accounts out there. But, how many times have you come across an account with a blue checkmark with absolutely no idea who that person is? Yet, one Google search of their name will give you the inside scoop about who they are. I had the privilege to work with a prominent influencer, one of the OG fashion bloggers, and asked her how she got verified. Keep in mind, she was verified before hitting a million followers. She said it was all through PR. When her blog started gaining traction, she hired a Public Relations company to get her name out there. The whole point of a PR company is to get the brands that hire them media coverage. As someone who worked at a Public Relations firm, I can tell you that it isn't cheap to go this route.

So what do you do if you have a lot of valuable content to offer but not enough cash to hire a firm to get the publicity you deserve?

Reach out to them yourself.

How do you reach out, you may ask? There are two steps to this.

  1. Get in touch with the right person
    1. Be sure you know how to write a fantastic pitch!

Step 1: Getting in touch with the right publication

I am a former event planner and preschool teacher with an education in early childhood development. I now take that knowledge and expertise and share it with the readers on this blog, Horton Lane. My blog covers topics such as tips and tricks on creating a beautiful table for a special event without having to break the bank and educational activities you can do at home with your preschooler, to name a few. Given I go over two different niches, the publications I reach out to will vary.

When I am trying to get published for my decor and tablescapes, I reach out to publications covering those topics. Likewise, when I am trying to get publicity for my experience in early childhood development, I will reach out to publications covering those topics. This may sound obvious, but when reaching out, make sure the publication covers the issue you are an expert in. It shows you are familiar with THEIR brand and THEIR audience.

Step 2: Creating the perfect pitch

I highly suggest you sign up for an online course to learn more about this. I have taken several, but my most favorite has been Pitch Please by Gal Media. I do not earn any commission by mentioning them, nor does this PR agency sponsor me. I am simply a delighted student who wants to share this great course with anyone looking to get published! The course was created by a writer and publicist who receive pitches all day long. They share exactly what they are looking for, how to formulate the perfect pitch, and how to get in contact with the right person.

This course has been the best investment I have made in my small blog. The lessons are to the point and only about 20 minutes long. That's it! So for 20 minutes a day over a week, you can gain all the knowledge you need to know to get your name and brand out there! I cannot recommend this class enough! I have a degree in Communications, have taken several pitch classes, and worked in PR, but this course has taught me the most despite all of that! If you are serious about getting your name, brand, or business out there, this is the course for you!