8 Last-Minute Family Halloween Costumes

you can put together with items already in your closet!

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8 Last-Minute Family Halloween Costumes you can put together with items already in your closet!

Although Halloween is looking different this year, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate and get into the spirit with our family! We can still dress up, eat lots of candy, take all the cute pictures in our costumes, and do our best to make this Halloween one to remember!

We all love the elaborate family coordinated costumes we see on Pinterest, but many of us don't have time for that in general, let alone during a pandemic! With most of us teaching or assisting distance learning, working, and dealing with the mental state of everything going on, putting together a family costume may seem like too much. Never fear! I have rounded up 8 last-minute family Halloween costumes that you can put together with items you already own! If you don't own anything, all the links provided are from Amazon with two day shipping!

Times are tough, uncertain, and different, so let's take the celebrations when they come!

1) Superhero Family: For families who have little ones who love superheroes, chances are they have some superhero costumes already lying around. While the kids sport their costume of choice, the parents can jump in on the fun by either wearing a superhero logo t-shirt or color-coordinating their outfit based on the superhero they are representing.

Motherhood-Family Coordinated Outfits-Easy Last Minute family superhero halloween costume Details and Links Here!

2) Football Family: For families who love football, chances are you kids already have some jerseys they can sport! To create a team, have one parent throw on a polo shirt, a whistle, baseball cap, and carry around a clipboard to look like the coach, while the other can sport a varsity-style sweatshirt, cheer bow, and jeans.

FCO-Halloween Football 4 Details and Links Here!

3) Lumberjack Family: Throw on a flannel, jeans, beanie, draw on a beard, and you have a coordinated family look that took seconds to throw together!

FCO-Halloween Lumberjack IG Deails and Links Here!

4) Baby Shark: Gray hoodies and a shark onesie are all you need to be a family of Baby Sharks (Do do do do do). If your family wants to take it up a notch, you can get these adult size shark onesies from Amazon delivered in time for Halloween, and this baby shark onesie can get to you by tomorrow!

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5) Baby Shark, Surfer, and Lifeguard (Oh My!): Here is another spin on the baby shark idea! There are many ways to create a lifeguard look. You can order this lifeguard sweater from Amazon and get by tomorrow, but any red sweater or even a white t-shirt paired with a lanyard whistle and sunglasses can do the trick! For the surfer, grab your favorite swim trunks a white tee, and paint an area of it red for the shark bite!

10 last minute family halloween costumes Baby Shark Surfer and Lifeguard MlovesM

6) Grease Lighting: There are several different variations to go about this look! To represent Sandy in the final scene, all you need are some black jeans and a black top! To represent Danny, grab your favorite leather jacket, a white tee, black jeans, and slick back that hair! You can also go the poodle skirt or Rydell cheerleading uniform route.

10 last minute family halloween costumes grease lightining 50s thatsbetsyv.com

7) Family of Bandits: All you need for this look is an all-black ensemble, some black felt eye masks, and a black beanie! If you want a more coordinated uniform, you can get these black and white striped tops for the whole family! Kid's, Women, Men

last minute halloween costumes Family of Bandits robbers @39.sunset

8) Where's Waldo: Have a red and white striped shirt? Hey, even a combination of red and white tees should do the trick! Put those on, pair it with your favorite blue light blocking glasses, and you are ready to be searched for! Red and White Striped Tees from Amazon Kids, Women, Men

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