Loungewear from Amazon

Are you looking for loungewear inspiration that doesn't require tight leggings? Then this list is for you! All of these items I purchased to wear after having my baby. These are great outfits to wear postpatum! Most of the tops are breastfeeding friendly, comfortable, and loose. Our bodies are in such a transition after giving birth, and these tops will fit your postpartum body well. The best part is each top can be worn casually or dressed up with the right pants and heels for when you are ready to go out again! If you are looking for outfits that are comfy but acceptable to wear out and about, then I have got you covered! These few items create a lot of looks, and all of the tops can be worn casually or dressed up for a date night!

IG Collage-Amazon Loungewear

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1. Cardigan Sweater I love this open cardigan so much that I bought it in two colors. It is thick but not too heavy and goes with anything. From a casual day in sweats to dressing it up with black faux leather leggings, heels, and a black tee, to wearing it casually with jeans, you just can't go wrong with these cardigans!

2. Button Down Tank Another item I bought in multiple colors because I loved it so much! These blouses are lightweight, flowy, and versatile. I initially bought these because they were breastfeeding friendly. I love wearing them with sweat pants, jeans, or skits! They really can be dressed up or down. I love how flowy they are too. They are a great option to wear right after having a baby when your body is in that transition phase where nothing fits right.

3. Off the Shoulder Sweater Tops Do you see a trend here? If I really like an article of clothing, I'll buy it in several colors! Well, this sweater top was no exception. From pairing it with skinny black jeans and high heels for a date night look to wearing it with jeans and Converses to pairing it with sweatpants, you are guaranteed to look cute in this top no matter how you style it!

4. Button Down Waffle Knit Blouse I have this top in three different colors. I love pairing it with my sweats because it makes me feel like I got dressed for the day due to how stylish it is. I love how comfortable it is and how it flows. This was another top I bought due to it being breastfeeding friendly and how it fit my body immediately after giving birth.

5. Loose Workout Pants I am not someone who can live in tight leggings. I find loose flowy clothes to be more comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I sport leggings quite a bit, but if I know I am just going to be lounging around at home, I like to wear loose-fitting clothes instead. Also, I love having pants like these for postpartum wear. After having a baby, the last thing you want to wear is something tight. There is already enough going on in your abdomen area; the last thing you want is something compressing it.

6. Joggers One of my favorite pairs of joggers! They are thicker, and the material is comfortable! I love how these fit and look. Perfect for a day lounging around the house or running errands!

7. Oversized Knitted Sweater This is the only item I have not purchased off this list yet. I plan on buying both these colors! Due to the high reviews and the amount of them, I am willing to bet they are comfortable and look as advertised!

8. White Fuzzy Sandal Slippers I am pretty sure these are some dupe from a more expensive brand, but given how comfortable they are and how good they look, I would assume they are the real deal! Excellent quality for a great price! I love how the sole of the slipper is meant for outside use too!

9. Baseball Cap Because no "lounging around to running errands" look is complete without a baseball cap! I know I have said it before, but I bought this hat solely for the color scheme and the fact that I was going to NY at the time of purchase. Your girl is not into sports and picks baseball hats based on their colors. I have found these hats, though, that have no logo and come in a ton of colors! I will be buying more of these in the future!