Top Recommended Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

Hundreds of mom shared their recs when it came to comfortable nursing & maternity bras for large breasts.

Moms need support in more ways than one! Especially when it comes to holding up our breasts throughout pregnancy and nursing.

Our breasts change so much during this time, and it can be frustrating trying to find comfortable nursing bras that can accommodate our fluctuation in size.

Every Monday, I host an AMA (Monday Ask Me Anything… M.A.M.A) on Instagram, where we go over everything from pregnancy to relationships to friendships to postpartum, breastfeeding to motherhood, and so much more! It’s a time when we talk about the big and little things. A popular question I get asked is nursing bra recommendations for large-chested women. Since my boobs look like a tube sock with a tennis ball in them and aren’t that large, I didn’t have any personal recommendations, so I turned to the Horton Lane community.

Hundreds of women shared their favorite nursing bras when it came to supporting their large breasts during nursing, and here are the most popular types they suggested!

For my smaller to average size chested mamas (me!), these bras can work for you too! All these brands but one carry all sizes!

#5 Bravado

This particular bra in their nursing collection was highly recommended by many moms! While their sizing is in the from of small, medium, large, x-large, etc., my large chested mamas said their X-Large and up sizes fit very comfortably

#4 Auden Nursing Bra

A highly recommended bra from many mamas and at a very affordable price point! Unfortunately their sizing does fall in the range of Small to X-Large, rather than something more specific. But many moms said the X-Large size fit their large breasts comfortably!

#3 Cake Maternity

It was this bra that many swore by! While the price point is higher, everyone claimed it was worth the investment. These bras were designed with large breasts in mind! Their sizing ranges from 32 C to 42 I.

#2 Hofish

This is a personal recommendation as I LOVE these nursing/maternity bras! Again the sizing is just Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, but the reviews on this bra say they are great for big breasts! They come in a three-pack and are extremely comfortable. They are priced just right and are the perfect bra to wear while pregnant as well!

#1 Kindred Bravely

Coming in as the number one recommended bra for large-breasted nursing women was Kindred Bravely. Hundreds of women recommended this bra to me and the positive Amazon reviews I am seeing are confirming that this brand is very popular amongst nursing mamas. Here were the top two that were recommended.

  • Their nursing sports bra. They offer this in “regular” and “busty” sizes.
  • Their nursing & hands-free pumping bra. Offered in “regular” and “busty” sizes as well.

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