Over 500 mamas share what their must have baby items are

Over 500 experienced mothers participated in a poll where I asked, "What are your absolute must-have baby items?" After a lot of research and asking the same group what their must-have baby items were, I created a list and had everyone vote with a simple yes or no.

Personally, I don't think you need half the things on this list (although all are very helpful), BUT each family's and baby's needs are different. If you are curious about what I think are the actual necessities for a baby, you can read about it here!

The items below are generic and not specific to any brand. If you are interested in knowing how these parents voted for certain name-brand baby items, head to this post!

I will be conducting another poll where I ask, "What are your must-have baby items for breast or formula feeding?" So stay tuned!

Everything linked is just a suggestions based on the items I have and use for my babies. The poll asked “Is a stroller a must have item?” “Is a humidifier a must have?” and so on. The poll had nothing to do with the specific brands of each item.

If you want my two cents on each of these items, and what type is my favorite and why, read about it here!

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