Operation Joy

Making sure kids and teens in foster care or poverty have a wonderful christmas!

You can donate here! To learn more about this incredible cause, see below.

I connected with Mariah Walker last year when a video of her helping foster teens came across my FYP on TikTok. I thought her cause was incredible and her commitment to helping kids and teens in her community was beyond admirable and selfless.

Mariah Walker is a mom of four who started Operation Joy three years ago when she realized that kids in the foster care system within her community were not going to get presents for Christmas (specifically older kids). The first year she was able to sponsor just ten teenagers, but last year, she set out to sponsor 100 kids at an after-school program for kids in foster care, living in poverty, and that wouldn’t otherwise get a Christmas. But it completely exploded to three other schools! She now sponsors 1500 kids!! So, out of love for children and wanting to let them know they are loved, she is doing it every year!

This is not an official nonprofit. She does this on her own time to help others and give back to her community. She distributes and wraps all gifts and dedicates her entire holiday season to this cause.

No amount is too small or big, so if you want to donate, please visit her links here!