How I keep all my kid's outdoor toys organized

See a 15-second video of these items in action here!

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Outdoor Storage Shed: This shed's size allows my children to store their more oversized items such as bikes and scooters. The shed is easily accessible for my children, allowing them to walk right in and get what they need! HD Backyard-Outdoor storage shed for toys

Plastic Bins: These bins are my secret weapon to keeping everything in my yard and garage organized! They are come in a pack of 6 are sturdy, stackable, and fit so much. All my children's little outdoor toys such as balls, bubble wands, tractors, baseball gloves, chalk, etc. go in these bins, which are then stored in the shed! HD-Backyard Plastic storage bins with lid

Large Outdoor Storage Deck Box: This deck storage bin holds my kid's giant inflatable dual water slides, inflatable kiddy pool, slip n slide, inflatable bounce house, balls, toys, and so much more! It has a 150-gallon storage capacity and "is made out of all weather-resistant resin with an appealing wood-look texture." The design is sleek and can double down as a bench! Throw some outdoor cushions and pillows on it, and you are good to go! HD Backyard-Large outdoor storage deck box bin

Adding another set of side gates: The biggest reason we did a backyard remodel was to create a safe space for the kids to play. To ensure I was able to see them at all times, I had side gates installed. This not only prevents the kids from running down the sides of the house where I can't see them unless right there, but it also added another area for storage, and the extra gate is an added measure of security. This also created two side yards. On one side, we store some of the kid's bigger toys and garden tools, and on the other, we store the BBQ. We use to have our BBQ out near the covered patio, but the kids were always trying to play with it. My husband also likes grilling in the side yard because it is safer when toddlers are running around, and I am pretty sure it's his area to hide from everyone during a party under the guise of "grilling." Backyard Side Yard 1

You can read more about our kid friendy backyard remodel here!

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