Below are the links to everything pictured in our playroom!

*The first set of links are for all the decor and wood toys, the second set of links are for all things organization and shelving units, and the third is for the play kitchen area. *

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When decorating this space, my main goal was to make sure this was the only room in the house where the kids stored their toys. That required a lot of bins. To break up the sea of navy blue bins, I used their wood toys as decor items (that could, of course, can still be played with!) and different style bins to add more contrast and depth.

The middle section (cube shelving unit) doubles as changing station. One of the bins underneath is dedicated to diaper supplies—this saved space and money by not purchasing a separate changing station.

As far as the bins that are out of their reach, they simply need to ask to access them. This also allows me to rotate their toys more efficiently, given they tend to play with what is at their reach more!

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1. Wood Mountains I had a specific vision in mind for these, so I contacted the seller, and they responded right away with creating a custom order for me! I bought these intending to paint them, but I didn't want to cover it up after seeing how nice the wood was! Plus, I needed a little contrast to the overwhelmingly white and navy colors going on in this room!

2. Lamps These lamps come in several colors and look fabulous! There is a little assembly required but nothing more than expected. I did have issues with a decorative piece on the hardware that secures the lampshade to the post. The decorative clear "ball" that sits on top fell off each lamp. The lamp was still able to be assembled correctly, but I ended up having to superglue the clear ball to ensure a finished look. It took all of a few seconds and looks great. I didn't bother reaching out to the company for a refund or replacement because it was such an easy fix. Other than that, the lamps look and work great! They are sturdy and were just what I was looking for!

3. Wood Blocks Unfortunately, the ones you see pictured are no longer available, but I did link something similar! Many sellers are happy to create custom orders on Etsy, so if this isn't what you are looking for, reach out and see if they do custom orders!

4. White Linen Bulletin Boards I love the look of these neutral white colored bulletin boards! I used these adhesive hook and loop stickers (aka Velcro, but that is a named brand, and these stickers are not of that brand) to create our classroom calendar. The neutral color of this bulletin will complement any color scheme!

5. Custom Free Standing Wood Name This company did both the "play and "explore" signs in our playroom. The owner was quick to answer all my questions and was the one who suggested I do it all in capital letters to ensure it could stand on its own. I go this in the font of Georgian, finish in distress, and color drawing room blue, but they offer many different options!

6. Chalkboard Calendar This calendar is ready for immediate download, and it comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. I purchased it in Stripe Dot Anchor - Red White Navy Blue Gray. I also bought her chalkboard alphabet printables. Everything else you see on the weekly focus board (sight words, shapes, colors, number) I designed and printed to match this calendar set. Since I was impatient and very particular about everything's sizes, I ended up printing these out at home. I then laminated them and placed adhesive hook and loop fasteners on the back of them.

7. Wooden Number & Alphabet Blocks These blocks look great and very durable; however, every single side of every block has a letter or a number on it, so it can be challenging to find what you are looking for. Also, there are only 21 blocks, so if you are looking to display the entire alphabet, these blocks are not for you. They stack great, though! The numbers and letters are clear, and after many uses, the paint is still intact! They look and play great!

8. Wooden Play Camera If you would like the navy color, I would suggest messaging the seller and see if they do custom orders. I love this camera! I originally bought my children a digital one designed for kids, but they found games on it, giving them more screen time than I would have liked. This camera is just a simple wooden toy, but the kids love it all the same! They use their imagination more using this toy rather than the digital camera I bought them. This wooden camera is made with such care, is durable, and the paint is still intact after many uses!

9. Modern Wood Clock This is one of my favorite decorative items in the playroom. It tied in perfectly to the color scheme while offering a bit of contrast with the natural wood. I like how big the numbers are, which makes it easier for the kids to read. It is of excellent quality and arrived promptly. I use this small gold easel to prop it up.

10. Wooden Toy Airplane The craftsman's ship of this airplane is fantastic, and I love the accent paint on the wings. The natural wood and small painted detail complement one another well! You can order this in multiple colors and can always reach out to see if the seller will do a custom order.

11. Free Standing Wood Letter Unfortunately, this shop has closed down but I linked a shop with great reviews offering similar products! I am sure they do custom orders too! For our letter block, I bought this acrylic paint from Amazon and had my boys paint it! They had fun painting something that will always be on display in their playroom!

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1. White 5 Shelf Bookcase Unfortunately, the ones you see pictured are no longer available, but I did link something similar!

2. Activity Table I love how functional this table is! It has ample storage underneath, and the height is perfect for your toddler or preschool-aged child! When my children aren't using this table to build railroads and Lego sets, we set up our small air hockey table on it, making it the perfect height for all the little ones to play!

3. Navy Blue Cube Bins I love these bins! I use these navy blue cube storage bins throughout the playroom and the kid's bedroom. I think I have about 30 of these used to organize the kid's toys, clothes, and books! They are priced right, durable, and come in a pack of 6.

4. Large Blue & White Striped Canvas Storage Bins I was thrilled when I found these baskets because they were EXACTLY what I was envisioning when styling the bookshelves! They are sturdy and hold a decent amount of stuff. One basket I have dedicated to all my kid's wooden puzzles, and not only do they fit, but I have them arranged on a metal puzzle organizer, and it all fits in the basket! I love how it is lined with a white cloth that can be tied up to cover up anything inside the basket.

5. Bamboo Fabric Storage Bins with Rope Handle I love the rope handle on these bins. It gives it more variety compared to the primary one-color storage bins. My only issue with these rope handles is the way they are secured at the ends. They are held together by some tape, but once the tape comes off, the rope begins to unravel, and of course, I cannot braid it back to how it originally came. So if you have little ones who will take the tape off, maybe secure it with some more clear tape. These bins are durable and provide more contrast in our playroom in the sea of navy blue bins!

6. Clear Stackable Storage Bins with Lids These bins are perfect for storing your children's toys! They are stackable and can fit well under tables and on bookshelves. They are clear, making it easy for your child to spot what they are looking for!

7. White Cube Storage Unit I bought two of these to fit in the space we had designated for them. I purchased a four cube shelving unit and a six cube shelving unit. The units' width worked out perfectly for our setup based on the distance from the wall. We can fit a diaper changing pad on top due to that distance, so now it doubles as a changing station! The shelves are particleboard, so assemble them with caution, aka don't take your building frustration out on them like I did or they will end up damaged!

Since it is particleboard, do not expect this thing to be sturdy. It sways when you push it side to side. We knew this would be centered right up against two large bookcases that are bolted into the studs of our wall, so the flimsiness would no longer be an issue. Once we got it wedged between the two bookshelves, it was safe for the kids to be around. Please read all assembly instructions and research on safety measures to take before installing this in your home if you have little ones.

I entertained the idea of doing a custom built-in for our playroom but decided against that for several reasons. It was expensive and would limit what we could do with this room in the future. By combining all these shelving units, I was able to get the exact look I wanted for a very reasonable price!

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I hope this post was helpful! If you have any question please contact me via email or on Instagram!

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