Products to help Postpartum Hair Loss

Moms share their top 9 tried and true products that helped them combat postpartum hair loss

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Back when I was pregnant with my fourth child, I asked hundreds of moms what had worked for them to help with their postpartum hair loss and regrowth. After listing out the top 10 recommended products, I began using each item listed. Fast forward today, and man, am I glad I made those purchases! I started using these items right away, and now that I am entering that postpartum hair loss phase, I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in hair loss this time around!

1) Makeup for your hair

This powder is makeup for your "bald spots." It is a fine powder that collects on your hair's fibers, making them all blend in together! See how instantly it works?! It can get a little messy so do this before applying makeup! Also, make sure to get a color that will blend in well! Motherhood-Postpartum hair loss regrowth toppik hair powder before and after Motherhood-Postpartum hair loss regrowth toppik hair powder Get it on Amazon

2) Pura d'or

"Pura d or apple cider vinegar is my new jam. I'm noticing less fallout, less breakage, and it's a clean product. Totally in love!" -Samantha

After seeing how many moms recommended this product, I decided to give it a go, and oh my goodness, does it live up to the hype! After washing my hair with these products, I towel dry my hair (yes, towel dry, the t-shirt drying was not working out for me) then run a Biotin serum (the one I use is #4 on this list) all through my wet hair. This combination has made a dramatic difference in the volume of my hair.
Motherhood- Postpartum hair loss regrowth pura dor apple cidfer vinegar shampoo and conditioner Get it on Amazon

3) Scalp Massagers

These $4 scalp massagers made such a difference in my scalp's health! The first time I used one of these, I could not believe the amount of dead skin and product residue it got up! Now I use them every time I wash my hair, and my scalp looks and feels great! These also help with postpartum hair loss because it promotes blood circulation! Amazon Link Products Scalp Massager Get it on Amazon

4) Biotin

"Biotin hair serum. It strengthens your hair, causing less breakage, which slows down the shedding process." -Laura

This serum has been a GAME CHANGER! I have never thought to take care of my hair the way I do my face, but once I started giving it more attention and investing in products to help it, my hair game changed! I have really fine flat thin hair, but I have noticeably more volume after using this serum consistently!

I will say one thing when it comes to Biotin though, if you plan on taking an oral supplement. If you have acne-prone skin like me, research and talk to your dermatologist. An excess of a Biotin has been linked to increased breakouts. Motherhood Postpartum hair loss regrowth biotin hair growth serum Get it on Amazon

5) Prenatal Vitamins

"Don't stop taking your prenatal vitamins! They can still supply the nutrients your diet may be lacking even after having the baby." -Jennifer

My favorite vitamin regimen when pregnant and during postpartum is Perelel because the regimen changes to accommodate your body's needs as you progress to through each phase.

Y'all, I swear these vitamins have made a world of difference for my skin and hair! If you have been following me, you know that I have always struggled with hormonal acne. Since starting this vitamin routine, my skin has cleared up! Now, is this the only factor contributing to that? Of course not! But it is definitely a huge contribution! My hair is looking fabulous too! Not nearly as much loss as I usually have when in postpartum!

I learned about Perelel through my research and immediately reached out to them once I learned more! Their vitamins are backed by clinical studies and were developed by OBGYNs and Moms. The biggest selling point for me was how the vitamins change as you do! Also, it's a subscription service, so you just sign up and no longer have to worry about it! A new case is delivered to your door each month!

Use code HORTONLANE20 for a discount! Click here for Perelel Vitamins Amazon Link Images Prenatales Postpartum Vitamins Posnatales

6) Collagen Peptides

What so many moms said was, "Take collagen peptides!" The amino acids in collagen can build hair protein and strengthen your skin in general, which applies to the skin surrounding your hair roots. Motherhood Postpartum hair loss regrowth collagen peptides Get it on Amazon

7) Oil & Scalp Massages

Castor oil was another popular method echoed by mothers. The oil doesn't make your hair grow, but it nourishes the scalp. A healthy scalp means healthy hair!

"Jamaican black castor oil and lots of scalp massages. Also, the Mielle rosemary hair growth oil." -N.C.

"Scalp massages with oil did wonders for me and were relaxing! I swear the blood flow helped out my hair follicles! Plus, it was super relaxing when my husband would do it!" -Emily Motherhood-Postpartum hair loss regrowth jamaican black castor oil Get it on Amazon

8) Less Is More

"Avoid heat products, take your vitamins, brush gently, and visit a dermatologist- trichologist." -Mariela

9) Eat Right

"I know it sounds obvious, but your diet has a huge effect on your hair loss and regrowth. Once my hair started shedding a ton, I ate more nutrient-dense foods like spinach, nuts, peppers, and avocados. I avoided sugar as much as I could too. I know, easier said than done, but it works!" -Cassie

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