6 Father's Day Gifts From Amazon

For the Practical Dad Who, "Doesn't Want Anything"

Here are six simple gifts for the dad in your life who says, "I don't want anything." You know the practical dad who isn't into fancy watches, the newest tools, or even sports!

Now keep in mind these are gift ideas: meaning items he can use and enjoy but nothing he would buy himself. ;)

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1. Smartwool Underwear

Now you may be thinking $35 for a pair of underwear is the complete opposite of practical, but hear me out! If your husband has been buying standard cheap underwear like mine has, chances are they wear out quickly and may not be the most comfortable things out there. This Smartwool Underwear is made from Merino wool. This means they are quick-drying and "prevent friction and chafing to control irritation of skin even after wearing for long hours." They are perfect for the active guy in your life and will last longer than the $5 four-pack he always gets.

2. Darn Tough Socks

Again, another item that normally no one spends more than a few bucks on but let me quote the company on why these Merino wool socks are worth the hype. "Darn Tough's famous guarantee - if these socks wear, tear, or develop holes, Darn Tough will replace them no questions asked. No strings. No conditions. Over the years, when you open your sock drawer, this is the pair you'll keep grabbing first. In fact, many customers have said that they 'threw away just about every other sock' they owned." Given they are willing to replace your socks if they get a hole (which every sock does with time) tells me they are pretty confident that you will love them!

3. Men's Slippers

My husband is convinced that the bottom of his feet are so dry, cracked, and well, gross is because he walks around the house barefoot. He thinks slippers are more convenient than socks (what the heck, man! I just bought you some fancy A socks! You only saving those for when you leave the house??) will give him the support he needs while keeping his feet looking pretty. I guess we could all use a good pair of slippers that work outside for a bit as well, so I found these from Amazon! I liked how they had a more rugged look to them while being highly reviewed!

4. & 5. Jeans and Tees

If your man is practical, I am sure his closet consists primarily of jeans and tees. And if you man is anything like mine, those tees probably came free from a conference of some kind! You can't go wrong with a pair of Levis; they are durable and last forever. My husband likes the 513 due to their fit. They are fitted, so they look more put together and stylish than the standard loose bootcut jeans. For the tees, I went with these fitted t-shirts. They have great reviews and will step up his style in a practical way without sacrificing comfort! They come in a three-pack!

6. Basketball Shorts

The first thing my husband does when he gets home is take off those jeans and swap them for a pair of basketball shorts. If your husband loves to lounge in these bad boys, you will find that he can never have enough!

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Pinterest Pin-6 Father's Day Gifts for the Practical Dad Who, "Doesn't Want Anything" from Amazon