Dressy Family Christmas Outfits (Red & Black)

Red and black photographed with green wreaths, snow, or both, make for the perfect color scheme for your holiday photos! I had the boys wear a pattern to give some contrast to all the solid colored pieces my husband and I were wearing. The flannels my boys are wearing are great. We have had one of them since my oldest was little, and as you can see, it looks just as good as the new one!

This red coat is my favorite item to wear during the holidays! This double-breasted trench coat can be dressed up or down. The quality is excellent, and the price is perfect! It has a thick wool feel, and the inside is completely lined. I love the length of this coat. I am 5’8” and hits an inch right above my knee. The elegant length of it makes it the perfect outerwear for a formal event. It is versatile in that it can be dressed down as well with jeans and white converses. I ordered this in a small over two years ago. In this photograph, I am 15lbs heavier since I just had a baby three months prior, and it still fits just as well! It is flattering and maintains my shape without being too tight.

The baby girl's red formal dress deserves every cute baby voice sound that comes to your head when you see it! It is darling and looks lovely. However, it is incredibly impractical when your baby is this young, but no one gets a dress like this for their little one with the expectation of practicallity ;) I couldn't get over how cute she looked in it!

Everything we are wearing is from Amazon, and I linked each outfit below!

My Outfit

My Husband's Outfit

Baby Girl Outfit

The Boys' Outfit