7 Must Have Items Mom Needs For Sleep After Giving Birth

Lace nursing bra that is pictured can be found here

Alright, let's get to it! Here are the must-have items every mom needs for sleeping after giving birth!

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1. The perfect sound machine

Mom will be sleeping whenever she gets the chance, which means lots of naps during the day. She will need something to block out the noise while someone trusted watches over the baby while sleeping. I always sleep with a fan regardless of how cold it is because I need the white noise. When our fan died, I tried white noise apps and machines with a recorded fan sound, but it was NOT the same! I needed the real deal. I didn't want to buy another fan because floor fans become problematic when you have toddlers as they reach and pull down on everything. This white noise machine is THE BEST, and let me tell you why...BECAUSE THERE IS A FAN INSIDE!! It has multiple settings and ways you can change the sound! It is fantastic, and I have one in all our bedrooms in the house.

2. A silk sleep mask

Again, mom is sleeping whenever she can, so she will need to block out the light. I never got around investing in blackout curtains or shades, but this sleep mask does just that! I use it all the time, and it is so soft and luxurious, and every mama needs some luxury after having a baby!

3. Nightgown

A great nightshirt, nightgown, or whatever you want to call it. Mom will need one that buttons down and up easily for breastfeeding, is soft, BREATHABLE, long, and flowy. I love this long sleeve one for all the reasons listed above. I have this one in several colors and wear it all the time. It's also cute and makes me feel more stylish while hanging out in my pajamas all day. The second option I linked is a short sleeve version that comes in a wide variety of colors.

4. Sleep nursing bras

Something lightweight, soft, wireless, and not too restrictive. These are fabulous!

5. Nursing pads

I have tried all sorts of nursing pads because I leak so much in those first few weeks after birth, and these have been the best ones in my experience. Out of all the brands I have tried, these are the softest, which is crucial! A tip when washing them in the washer, be sure to put them in a washer bag, or you will end up like me with a pipe clogged from one of these bad boys slipping through!

6. Silk or satin hair scrunchies

Silk is easier on the hair and feels luxurious, and again, every mama could use a bit of luxury after having a baby! If you want real silk, which is supposedly better for your hair, these are $10 each. If you are looking for a more economical solution, go with satin (this is what I have), and they come in a pack of 12.

7. A silk pillowcase

Okay, mom may not technically need this, but it will benefit her skin and hair. I have bought cheaper versions of this, and they do not compare to this one! I will also say it one more time; mama needs little bits of luxury after having a baby. ;)

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