Stretch Mark Prevention and Remedies

I just had my fourth kid in five years, and I want to tell you the best way I deal with stretch marks.

Now it's important to note that most women have them, and they are a completely normal part of the process.

My whole perception of beauty has changed since having kids, and things like stretch marks are no longer ugly or undesirable because they are a road map of my life. Without those stretch marks, I wouldn't have these four beautiful children.

I refuse to believe we were put on this earth to turn 23 and preserve that look for the rest of our lives.

"That's nice, Chrissy, buuuuut give me the stretch mark prevention and treatment remedies!!!"

Alight, alright, but I just wanted to make sure you heard this first ;)

Okay, so some hard truth is coming your way, but here is the thing... Stretchmarks are hereditary. How they show is going to be based on your DNA. There really isn't much you can do about it. But there are a few things that can help. These things won't prevent them, but they could lessen their appearance.

1) Say no to cocoa butter!!

Do you know what's in cocoa butter? Caffeine! This is why caffeine is marketed to help your skin since it is filled with antioxidants. When I was pregnant with my first, I was told to put cocoa butter on my belly to help prevent stretch marks. Not only will this do very little, but it will get your baby all jacked up!

Every night before I went to bed, my little boy would be kicking like crazy!!! He never kicked like that at any other point of the day, and these crazy kicks were consistently at the same time every night. I could always do his kick counts during that time because of how wild he was! It turns out those crazy kicks were happening around the same time I applied my cocoa butter. Now, it's important to remember that our skin is an organ, and it absorbs everything we put on it. It wasn't until a nurse said something about it did I realize what was going on.

Cocoa butter and other products that prevent stretch marks are not well studied. They can only moisturize the skin, which leads me to my next point.

2) Keep your skin hydrated

Ensuring the skin is hydrated during pregnancy is essential because it helps support fragile skin as it stretches during this short time. I use this lotion and this oil. Again, it isn't preventing stretch marks, but keeping the skin hydrated, can help with their appearance.

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3) Keep them out of the sun

Stretch marks don't tan, so as the skin around them darkens, it will make their appearance even more noticeable. Which, who cares? They are stretch marks, and most people have them, but if you don't want them to be obvious, tanning is not the solution.

4) Cosmetic treatments

Lazer and micro-needling have the potential to get rid of stretch marks, but you will need to consult a professional for that.

I hope this helps, but I also hope you know how beautiful you are and that your body did an INCREDIBLE thing!

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