4 Ways to Have a Stylish Home while keeping it toddler friendly

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1) Use movie poster for oversized artwork.

Movie poster frames are usually made with an acrylic protector instead of glass. When framing large artwork that can be in the child's reach, I like this option. Although we hang everything securely, you just never know, and I feel that avoiding glass provides a safer alternative in the unlikely event the frame were to fall.

Traditional movie poster frames cost anywhere between $5-$30 like these black ones.

HD-Living Room Large Black Wall Frames Playroom decor oversized photos kids minimal black and white

But if you want something with a bit more style, I would suggest these.

HD-Dining Room Navy Ocean Wall Art Brass Gold Frames Oversized minimal art

HD-Dining Room 1 Navy Dining Room navy upholstered chairs minimal ocean artwork

They are around $50 each but compared to how much a frame this size costs (ones that use glass), this price is a steal! Plus, the quality of these is excellent! This frame has the perfect balance of wood and gold metallic tones. The size I got was 24"x 36."

You can get the ocean print art you see right here. It's the same picture; I just ordered three of them! Black Movie Poster Frames | Brass Movie Poster Frames | Ocean Print Art

2) Style your bookcase with everything you like at the top and put baskets at the bottom for the kid's stuff.

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too when it comes to shelf styling with kids?! Granted, my kids aren't one to climb shelves, so if yours are, then yeah, I could see why this tip may not work in your house.

As you can see, I bought baskets to put on the shelves within the children's reach. Each is filled with either toys or blankets!

HD-Living Room IG

HD-Living Room 5 Links to all my living room decor can be found here!

3) Invest in furniture with storage that represents your style.

I fell in love with the credenza the moment I spotted it. I wanted to something stylish and dramatic in our living room, and this hit all the marks. It looks great, sturdy and durable while providing a ton of storage for kids' toys and games.

Home Decor Family-Credeza Entry Way Glam black and white contemporary french mommy and me photo *Unfortunately, I could not find a link for this piece of furniture. We purchased it years ago in store. *

4) Floating Bar Cart

Love the look of a styled bar cart? Then throw it on the wall! These floating shelves are high enough to have more of the adult items out without worrying about the kids grabbing and breaking them or, worse, hurting themselves! These shelves are also a big space saver!

HD-Dining Room Floating Wine Shelves Floating bar Get them here!

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