The Cutest Modest Full Coverage Swimsuit

Swim Top | Swim Bottoms | Sandals

Order up one size for the bottoms, top is true to size

Can you believe this is a swimsuit?! After having my last two babies back to back, I wanted to find swimwear that provided full coverage and made me feel comfortable in my postpartum body. This swimsuit hits all the marks!

I love the high-waisted swim skirt for its style, practicality, and length. I mean, let's just be honest. Let's just be real. When you have a cute full-coverage swim skit like don't need to keep up on your waxing around the clock during the summer season! ;)

The tank is elegant, and the length is perfect for my long torso. I love off-the-shoulder swimwear too! Something so feminine about it! However, this swimsuit did not hold up my breastfeeding for over seven years boobies up well. So I wore this navy blue halter swim top underneath to keep everything in place. ;)

Last thing, THIS PRINT! Oh my goodness, how darling is it?! I am a sucker for blue and white, and I am a sucker for florals. Bring those two together, and you have me saying, "Take my money!!!"

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