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If your kids are already into superheroes, here is a quick and easy last-minute Halloween family costume you can throw together with what you already have! And yes, I am very aware that we are mixing Marvel and DC in this coordinated look ;)

If your child loves superheroes, chances are you have some superhero costumes already lying around. My boys wore the costumes they already have while my husband and I just threw on superhero-themed t-shirts to coordinate without boys! The one outfit I did buy was my daughter's Wonder Woman onesie. What was great about this outfit was that it was a true sleeper rather than a costume. It was soft, and she wore it to bed until she grew out of it!

I had just given birth to my daughter a little over a month ago when Halloween approached (did I mention she was over a 10lb baby at birth!) So I was still healing and in no mood to be uncomfortable! I paired my Wonder Woman tee with some jeggings (leggings that look like jeans), red zip-up hoodie, and some white Converses, all of which I already had! Since I am extra, I wanted a bit more. So I purchased a wig and a Wonder Woman hairpiece! They were priced right, and since the superhero obsession is still going strong with our boys, I find myself wearing these items more often than I expected!

My husband already had everything for his Clark Kent look. White button-down dress shirt, Superman logo t-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and black-framed glasses! Clark Kent is a great last-minute Halloween costume that I have used countless times in my college days!

I hope these outfits inspired you if you were on the hunt for something easy and last minute! If you are interested in any of the products, I have them all listed above! To shop these items, click the number that correlates to the products you want!

Everything is from Amazon! Happy Halloween!