Teaching your child about diversity

The media is a powerful influence for all of us but especially for children. From the shows they watch to the books they read to the internet clips they see, all have a significant impact on how they see the world outside their own homes.

That is why I made sure to purchase a collection of children's books that illustrate diversity. Learn Outside the Box created a wonderful list of books that feature people of color and teach valuable lessons. This list is an excellent reference for those looking to expose their children to more diversity.

They are all filled with beautiful illustrations that will captivate your child's attention and are written to keep them engaged throughout the story. I encourage you to check out her highlight titled "Books" on her profile. She talks about the importance of your child finding connections with the characters in the story and ways to create those connections, i.e., "Look, we have the same grill as the characters in the story!"

Everything starts in the home. How we view the world, how we view others, how we react, how we see ourselves, it all begins in the home. Parents are the most significant influence in a child's life. From how we treat them, to how we care for them, to how we treat others, and what we expose them to, all impacts and shape their world view.

I purchased these books last week, and my kids haven't stopped reading them since! I linked them all in my bio if you are interested in getting these books for your children.

Life-Topic-Diversity Books.jpg