Thanksgiving Tablescape

Who says your Thanksgiving tablescape has to fall under the Autumn color scheme? I use this exact same decor for the 4th of July, but instead of American flags as the centerpiece, I replaced it with white pumpkins! The best part is I got everything from Amazon, including the table and cute wooden folding chairs! I do my best to reuse the decor items I purchase as much as possible, so instead of purchasing "Thanksgiving colored" table decor, why not use what I have and put a Thanksgiving spin on it? For the pumpkins, we bought small ones, and as a family, we painted them white. The kids really enjoyed this and loved that they were contributing to the holiday decor! They are very proud to show off their pumpkins to our family when we host.

Two things I want to bring up. 1) For the plates, I used Correll White Dinner Plates. However, when we are hosting a large crowd, I use these plastic disposable ones instead. Since I had a bunch of the disposable plates leftover from another event, I mixed it up a bit. The salad and dessert plates were disposable, and the dinner plates were the Correll. 2) The garland is gorgeous and looks lifelike, however, it has a strong plastic smell when opening and a coating all over it. I did not notice the coating until I had to bend the branches and mess with it to get it positioned just right. I didn't see the coating rubbing off on the table, only more so when you touch and mess with it. To avoid any weird smells, I aired it out a few days before and made sure it didn't make contact with any of the food haha. I used this garland at my baby shower as well! Like I said, I try to reuse all my hosting decor as much as possible!

Links to this whole look, including my outfit, are listed below and of course, are all from Amazon!

Place Settings

Centerpieces and Table Decor

Table and Chairs

Console Table Decor

My 0utfit

  • Levi's Skinny Jeans
  • White Blouse I ordered mine a size small. It is pretty loose, I was able to wear this right after having a baby before I dropped the weight.