7 Super Uncomfortable Things That Happen During Pregnancy and the Remedies that Can Help!

From a mom pregnant with baby number 5

Always talk to your doctor before trying anything. This is not to be taken as medical advice. I am just one mom sharing her experiences with another in hopes that it helps.

No matter how grateful you are for your pregnancy, there is no denying that it can be uncomfortable sometimes! I promise you can be over the moon grateful and still be annoyed with the discomfort that comes with pregnancy. There is no judgment here! While there are times it can suck, I promise it will pass, and your mind will play a fun little trick on you where the pain won't seem too bad a year from now, and you may even begin thinking about getting pregnant again!

Okay, so as your big sis through pregnancy and motherhood, let's dive into it!

1) Nausea

For all my Parks and Rec fans out there, sing it with me, nausea is "The WoooOOOOOooorst!!!" Every pregnant woman's nausea will vary, and I hate saying this, but sometimes nothing works. However, it doesn't hurt to try a few things! Here are a few non-medicated ways to combat nausea

If none of those work, you can always talk to your doctor about taking B6 and Unisom or a prescription.

2) "The Pressure is Getting Wesser"

I don't know about you, but the pressure down there can get so intense I feel like baby is going to fall right out! If that's you too, this pelvic floor support band is going to be your BFF!

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3) Pregnancy Rhinitis

Do you feel like you have to constantly blow your nose at night during pregnancy? Is it always runny? Or is it the opposite, constantly stuffy? Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of it? If so, then congratulations! You probably have pregnancy rhinitis!! Pregnancy rhinitis is "an inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nose. This causes nasal congestion. Increased blood flow to the nasal passages and enlargement of the nasal veins also play a role. Symptoms occur during pregnancy." - nationwidechildrens.org

While some may chalk this up to "just a stuffy nose," I say it is so much more! It can affect your quality of life, given how much it interrupts sleep. Sleep is already difficult while pregnant, so to add this on top is "The WooOOOOorst."

To combat this, I use a humidifier at night (make sure you clean this every day or you will be breathing in some nasty stuff) and these breath right strips.

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4) Dry Itchy Scalp

When pregnant, many women have beautiful, voluminous hair due to the hormones suppressing hair shedding (hence why you may be hairier in other areas too). But some of us also get a super dry scalp! I remember wondering if it was snowing because of all the flakes I would see raining down. Kidding, but it was bad...and annoying! I initially thought it was dandruff, but apparently, dandruff and a dry scalp are two different things. Who knew?

So I began using this shampoo with this scalp comb massager. I lather the shampoo with the comb and let it sit for a minute or two. The comb got the dry flakes off and helped with the blood flow! Once I did this on a regular base, the flakes disappeared, and my scalp was healthy and moisturized! I swear the comb makes all the difference! Our scalp is skin, too, and needs to be exfoliated.

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5) Restless Leg Syndrom & Headaches

Most of us are deficient in magnesium and apparently, magnesium is a BIG DEAL! When I was in the recovery room after delivering my fourth baby, the midwife at the hospital told me to start taking magnesium. It helped so much with my postpartum anxiety and a plethora of other things that I continued taking it while pregnant. I noticed that I no longer get restless legs this time, and my headaches are WAY less. I did a little research, and sure enough, the magnesium has a lot to do with that! This is the one I take. I take two at night, along with my prenatal vitamins. (For anyone interested in the prenatal vitamins I take, it is this one! I recommend them so much that they gave me a discount code to give to my readers. HORTONLANE20)

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6) Heartburn

Heartburn is "The wooO-" okay, I'll stop, but you get the point. This stuff just plain sucks, and it all feels like the worst! There are a ton of remedies on how to kick heartburn caused by pregnancy, but the only thing that has worked for me is taking Tums, drinking ICE COLD water, and eating every few hours. This water bottle has helped me a lot during pregnancy. Its size ensures I stay hydrated, has a straw for easy drinking, and keeps my water so cold!

The smoothie-flavored Tums are the best!

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7) Belly Support

This belly support band has helped me feel so supported during this pregnancy. I have diastasis recti (when the abs separate during pregnancy and have a hard time coming back) AND a hernia! Given I have had my babies back to back, it's no surprise that this has happened to me. However, I am confident with the right physical therapy, I can get it back to where it all needs to go! We will see though!

Anyway, needless to say, I need lots of belly support. This belly band gives me the support I need, and the extra band really helps with my hernia!

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Did I forget anything? If so, shoot me a DM on Instagram to share your remedies!

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