Toddler Valentine's Day Baskets

Gender-neutral no candy Valentine's Day that are perfect for your toddler! These Valentine's Day gifts are easy, affordable, great for both boys and girls and are perfect for your toddler or preschool-aged child! Especially if they are into the movie Cars!

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  • Cars Wagon: My boys were really into Disney's movie Cars at the time, so finding these red Cars themed play wagons was very exciting for me! These wagons get a lot of use in our house. The boys love using it to clean up their toys, or to transport all their toys from one room to the other. They stack well with one another, and the handle is a shovel that easily comes off! Two toys in one! Since I get the kids a little something every Valentine's Day, I plan on reusing these as their "baskets" to fill up with goodies each year!
  • Big Bubble Wands The bubble wands were originally purchased for these Valentine's Day baskets, but since it came in a pack of 12, I used just the red and pink wands for Valentine's Day and the blue ones for Easter. I plan on stuffing each basket for the next few holidays with a "new" wand each time until I finish the pack!
  • Flying Discs:I did the same thing for the flying disks. I purchased a large package so I could use white and red ones for their Valentines present and then use the other colors to fill their baskets for upcoming holidays such as Easter! That may seem like an unnecessary amount of flying disks to have once the kids receive them all, but they like to decorate each one with superhero stickers, so each disc does "something different." For example my son put a Spiderman sticker on one disk and a Superman sticker on another. To him, each one is different, so it's kind of like a new toy each time!
  • Board Book: Snuggle Puppy! & Board Book: Llama Llama I Love You My kids love books, and I love that they love books, so I always try to incorporate a small book for each little holiday! I choose books based on the theme and my kids' ages. My boys were ages one (well, my one-year-old was turning two the following month) and three during this Valentine's Day.