Black Ballet Flats

My favorite pair of flats! These shoes are comfortable and offer a decent amount of support. I would suggest though not to wear them if you are on your feet all day. I assist my friend now and then who owns her own event planning company and wore these to an event that was all day long. By the end of it, my feet were pretty sore. However, I was on my feet the entire 10 hours and was always walking around. These shoes are great for day to day activities, though! If you are looking for a shoe to wear while on your feet for several hours, I would suggest finding a pair that offers more support. These shoes are comfortable, fit true to size, and look adorable! They pair well with just about any outfit! These come in several different colors; I ordered mine in black!

*Disclaimer: I had purchased these shoes before deciding to start this site. Thus, I did not photograph them in their new state. The image you see here has been slightly altered to have the shoe resemble what it looked like when it was in their original condition. Please refer to the Amazon link I have provided to get a more accurate visual of what these shoes look like upon purchase. I had to take my own photos of the product rather than use the image listed on Amazon due to copyright laws. *

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