Black Cape Sleeve Midi Dress

Similar look on Amazon here! Be sure to order up if planning on wearing while pregnant.

What is it about a cape dress that can make you feel so powerful and elegant at the same time?! It's like high fashion meets your inner superwoman! Too corny? Probably! Either way, this dress is perfect for a date night or wedding! This isn't a maternity dress but has enough stretch to accommodate my growing bump. I ordered up three sizes to ensure I could wear it throughout my pregnancy. How many sizes you order up depends on your body type. This is my 5th pregnancy and let's just say, I am a lot more than "just belly." My hips are much wider, along with a few other things ;) So I needed to size up quite a bit to make this work comfortably. I love this dress so much that I plan on taking it in once I am back to my usual size so I can continue wearing it!

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