Large Brass Gold Wood Frame

Get the Ocean Print Artwork here! (It's the same photo printed 3 times)

The pictures on Amazon for this frame do not do it justice! This frame has the perfect balance of wood and gold metallic tones. The protective cover is plastic, NOT glass. I precisely wanted this due to having little kids. Although these frames hang on the wall, they are still at a height that toddlers can touch as they grow taller. Despite them being secured to the wall well, we live in southern California where earthquakes are frequent, and I did not want something this large to be glass. Plus by having a plastic insert rather than glass, this product is much more affordable! These frames come in a variety of sizes; I ordered three of these in size 24"x 36."

The ocean picture you see framed is the same picture, and I just ordered three of them! You can find them on Etsy here!

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