Michael Kors Women's Gold Watch

Update: The gold-colored watch seems to come and go. Some days it is available for purchase other days it is not. There are several different colors in this style though! Like I said the gold comes and goes so keep an eye for it if it is not available at this time.

I have had this watch for over five years, and it still looks just as good as the day I got it! The battery has died, but that is expected, and that is an easy fix. I must admit though that since I am usually running after my toddlers in my workout clothes on a day to day bases, I only wear this watch about once or twice a week. Regardless it pairs with just about anything. Although it is a bigger watch for women, I think the design is classic and timeless. Even as watch size trends change for women’s style, I still find myself pairing this watch with most of my outfits!

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