Nude Ankle Strap High Heels

Great shoe for the price! It does not offer much support; thus it will be uncomfortable at times, but they look great and can go with just about anything! I have worn these all day, and although it wasn’t the most comfortable, they fit well enough that I didn’t feel the need to take them off at any point during the event. The heel is 4 inches, which is a perfect height when you are looking for a shoe with a heel but not one that is not too high. These shoes are true to size and come in a wide variety of colors! I ordered mine in the color nude.

*Disclaimer: I had purchased these shoes before deciding to start this site. Thus, I did not photograph them in their new state. The image you see here has been slightly altered to have the shoe resemble what it looked like when it was in their original condition. Please refer to the Amazon link I have provided to get a more accurate visual of what these shoes look like upon purchase. I had to take my own photos of the product rather than use the image listed on Amazon due to copyright laws. *