Nude Gold Stud T-Strap Pumps

Unfortunately, these exact ones are no longer selling on Amazon but I did link ones very similar. Here is an open toe version of these shoes as well!

These have to be my proudest finds! I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Rachel Parcell, wearing these and just had to have them! Once I found out these were Valention's, I turned to Amazon for some dupes because there is no way I could afford the real deal! I was very proud of this find because, in my opinion, they look almost identical! However, I am pretty sure the comfort level of these shoes is a lot less than the designer ones. ;) Speaking of comfort, these were decent enough in that department. I was able to wear them all night BUT my feet did hurt at the end of the night. For how stylish these shoes are though, it was totally worth the pain! I should add, though, that I never broke these shoes in. i purchased them then wore them brand new to a wedding. I could see these shoes being "more comfortable" (as comfortable as high heels can be) as they are worn more. The pointed toe portion does run thin, so if you have wider feet, I would suggest ordering a size up!

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