Off the Shoulder Chunky Knit Sweater Top

This sweater is one of the lower reviewed items I bought on Amazon, but I am so glad I took the risk and purchased it! At the time of my purchase, they only offered "one size," but when I revisited the link, they are now offering two sizes, small/medium and large/x-large. As much as I love the look of this sweater, the material feels rough. The fabric is a little itchy, and the sweater is see-through due to the knitted pattern. I always wear a black cami underneath this and pull down the straps. It is an off the shoulder sweater, but how it falls will be dependent on your size. My friend, who has more muscles than me in her shoulders and arms, said the fit was too tight and did not fall on her the way it does on me. However, at the time she purchased this item, they were only offering one size. I do wonder if it would fit better on her if she were able to order in a larger size. I must also note that the bottom is more of a bubble hem. Despite its flaws, I still love this sweater! It is priced right for how it is made and looks good when ordered in the correct size. The seller offers free returns, so in the event it is not what you expect, you could always return it! This sweater comes in a variety of colors. I ordered mine in a "one size" or "small/medium" in the color khaki.

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