How I Disguise My Postpartum Hair Loss

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I have thin hair, and this "bald spot" has always been there; however, it becomes even more noticeable when all my hair starts falling out postpartum. There are ways to cover and disguise almost anything, so I don't know why it didn't occur to me that there would be makeup for your hair! Click the link to see of video of how I applied it.

Several things to keep in mind when doing this...

  1. Do this step first! It is a powder, and if you are doing this along your hairline, specks of the product will fall on your face. I did this after applying a full face of makeup and had to retouch a lot of areas after using the powder.
  2. Blend, blend, blend! This will only look realistic if you take the time to blend it properly so the powder can attach itself to all the little hairs.
  3. Color matching is key Make sure you order the color that matches the root color of your hair.

This product also works excellent for you gentlemen out there who want to thicken up the look of their hair when out and about!

It stayed all day, and I had no issues with the powder dissolving due to sweat and other environmental elements!