Stop Using Wrapping Paper and Do This Instead

How handsome and masculine is the presentation of this present?! The best part is it's not just one-time use throw-away wrapping paper. No, it is a black box with an elegant magnetized flap, making it perfect for storage afterward!

My husband's birthday is coming up, so instead of just handing him the Amazon box the gift came in (like I do every year), I decided to take the presentation up a notch. These boxes come in a set, are super easy to assemble, and are great for reuse repeatedly!

Also, I SUCK at wrapping, like am terrible, like got made fun of at stupid mandatory work wrapping party, terrible. (Whatever, Susan! The fact you made the party mandatory shows how lame it was!) If you ever see me post a picture of a cute wrapped present, know the bottom of it is scotch-taped within an inch of its life!

These boxes are a better option due to their reusable purposes and make my life much easier in the present wrapping department! So if you are looking for a way to step up your gift presentation game, I would highly suggest these! They come in a variety of colors as well.

I also purchased some black silk ribbon and black matte gift tags for that sleek look. Sorry, I dedicated a whole post to a box, but we all give gifts, so I thought this would be a helpful find for y'all!

Here are all the materials I used