Superhero Cake Table Decor

Most of the items shown on the cake table I use for basically every birthday I host! Any time there is a cake I am using this cake stand (the one linked is not pictured, I had to borrow one for each of my kids' birthdays, so I ended up finally buying one), this table, and depending on the color scheme this linen navy blue table cloth as well. I get a lot of use out of these three items! I used these same items for both my boys' first birthday parties as well! Obviously, you cannot buy the cake online (My son's amazing Godmother made it!), but I included a photo of it in the event someone wants to replicate it, or it serves as an inspiration! The personalized sign is from Etsy, but the rest of the items can be found on Amazon!

Cake Table Decor

When looking through my Etsy orders to link the Batman birthday sign, it appears that the vendor I purchased it from no longer has their store up on the Etsy platform. Here is a link to something very similar. You can always search Etsy as well; there are a lot of choices when it comes to these chalkboard birthday signs!

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