Superhero Kids' Table Decor

Of course, the inspiration for the kid's table decor was found on Pinterest! I liked how simple and easy this table was. I love the kid's sized table and chairs I purchased! I was looking into renting these items, but it ended up costing more to rent than to buy. Since we have young children and plan on having more, I figured it would be an excellent investment to get our own set! I am so glad I did! I find myself using these kid-size tables and chairs for every single event we host and even just playdates! If you have multiple young kids and like to entertain, I would highly suggest getting this table and these chairs. We have older kids at our events (7 to 8 years old), and they fit just fine in the chairs, and the table is at the right height for them as well.

I decorated each child's place setting with the cape and mask they could wear during the party and eventually take home. The Batman centerpieces had to be taped down to stay, but they still looked great, and the kids loved them! For the rest of the table decor, I purchased a set of plastic navy blue table covers and red paper plates. The table covers come in several packs, so I intend to use these for future parties as well! I also purchased a lot of red paper plates so I could use them from memorial day, 4th of July, and other summer events!

All of this can be purchased from Amazon! Below are all the links to each item!

Kid's Table Decor

The link I provided for the capes and masks is not the exact one I purchased from however, the capes are the exact same and there are more options in this set. I was unable to provide the link I purchased from because that page no longer exists.

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