Tan Flip Flops

I know flip flops are pretty basic, but what drew me to these was the style of the strap. It was thin enough to look good with more beach dressy outfits. You can get these shoes in a variety of different color straps. I liked the nude color due to how neutral it is and can pair well with anything. I will say order a half size up. I ordered these in my usual size, 8.5, and felt my heels stuck out just a bit. These are comfortable enough, but I wouldn’t recommend walking around all day in them. You will want to buy ones with a thicker sole if you plan on walking around all day in these.

*Disclaimer: I had purchased these shoes before deciding to start this site. Thus, I did not photograph them in their new state. The image you see here has been slightly altered to have the shoe resemble what it looked like when it was in their original condition. Please refer to the Amazon link I have provided to get a more accurate visual of what these shoes look like upon purchase. I had to take my own photos of the product rather than use the image listed on Amazon due to copyright laws. *

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