Teaching children about their power to choose and the impact it has

If you are looking for a way to teach your child about the power of their choices and the ripple effect they can have on their future and others, get this book!

The creators of this book did a fantastic job outlining the events that occur based on the choices we make. This book is unique because it isn't laid out the way traditional books are with one storyline. In this book, your child will choose what the character Danny does. There is a storyline dedicated to each choice and it will take you to a different scenario based on that decision. The book guides you along with directions, as your child decides what Danny should do!

The book illustrates in a simplistic and impactful way, how our choices shape each part of our day, affect those around us, and ultimately our future. After all, our future is determined by what we do in our daily routine!

Although the character Danny is relatable to both boys and girls, the creators also released a What Should Darla Do book! They also sell a Spanish version! One of the best parts about this book is it's enjoyable for the parents as well!

Get all the What Should Danny Do books through the links below!

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