White Floral High Waisted Wrap Skirt

The skirt looks exactly as advertised! It is high waisted but can be worn around the hips if you so choose. It is flowy, light, and comfortable. The skirt is lined but only for a short amount at the top so I would suggest wearing a slip underneath. This skirt works well for a dressed up or casual look. When purchasing this skirt, I was concerned about how it would fit, so I ordered one size up; however, I should have just stuck with my original size. Fortunately, due to the fact it is is a tie wrap skirt, it is easy to adjust the fit! Be sure to look for the hole on the waistband to thread the string through. I completely missed it at first and could not figure out why I couldn’t get the skirt to look as pictured. Fail! This skirt comes in several different colors. I ordered mine in a size medium (but should have ordered my usual size small) in the color white and navy blue.

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